Fat Burner Oil


Our Fat Burning Oil Targets the Fat Cells beneath the skin in such and effective way that you loose the fat without sagging your skin. Skin remains toned and healthy.



Naturalize specialize in producing wholly organic products with negligible side effects. Every oil is extracted naturally from the highest quality of herbs, handpicked throughout Pakistan, from the altitudes of the Himalyas and Hindukush to the shores of the Arabian sea. These herbs are then cold pressed, so they retain their nutritional value and the finished product therefore is of surpassed quality.

Our hair and body oils are free from perfumes, artificial colours and harmful chemicals. Additional essential oils make our product highly effective and beneficial. Natural oils that we produce at Naturalize have therapeutic value, they rejuvenate and revitalize the mind, body and spirit.


Apply oil on effected area and massage well, for best result use with empty stomach and exercise after applying oil. For best result continuous use for one month is recommended.

  • Shake well before use
  • Once open use within 6 months
  • If allergy occurs, discontinue use


Olive Oil, Juniper Barries, Sun Flower Oil, Marjoram, Lemon Essential Oil & Mint


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